Young girl walking with a Rollz Motion Performance rollator with air tyres in a forest
Rollz Motion Performance is the luxury version of the a Rollz rollator

All-terrain rollator with air tyres

Rollz Motion Performance

The Rollz Motion Performance is the all-terrain model of the Rollz Motion rollator-wheelchair combo that comes with rear air filled tyres for advanced shock absorption. Other add-ons like the extra soft armrests and wedge-shaped seat add to its comfort.

This rollator with front foam filled tyres and rear pneumatic tyres is designed for frequent use also on uneven terrain, for people who might need to sit longer in the wheelchair function or those who need aditional cushioning due to sensitive hands, wrists, shoulders or back problems.

Smooth and safe ride on bumpy roads

All terrain

rollator with air tyres

Pneumatic tyres for shock absorption on uneven terrain

Extra comfort

Comfortable rollator

Thick armrests and ergonomically shaped handles


Nice looking rollator

Modern matt coating in stylish jungle green color

Shock-free and low-vibration walker

Your body will feel the difference

If you suffer from painful joints, osteoarthritis, a hernia or back problems, walking and sitting can eventually make your body sore at a certain point. The Rollz Motion Performance is the answer to that as the rollator with air tyres dampens vibrations and enables a softer and smoother experience that will ease your ride.

Young girl visiting a museum with a rollator with air tyres
Rollz Motion Performance rollator with air tyres used on cobblestones

Pushing requires less energy

More comfort on rough terrain

Our designers have gone all the way to develop products that support you in the best way possible. Movement is important to keep stimulating your body and mind and therefore walking and going outside should be something to look forward to.

The rollator with air tyres makes driving feel comfortable even on difficult roads or uneven sidewalks, and requires less energy when pushed in any of the rollator and wheelchair positions.

Woman pushing a green modern rollator with air tires

Luxury version

Excellent support and stability on difficult terrain

Built on the same frame as the Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in one, the Rollz Motion Performance comes with extra features to provide more comfort to those who like to walk in the forest or countryside, to visit old city centers or live in areas with uneven terrain.
The wide tyre profile better absorbs shock. In combination with the large rear wheels, this makes driving over pavements and thresholds easier.

• Ideal for cobblestone, grass, forest or country paths

• Thicker armrest padding to feel less bumps

• Portable air pump included

• Drum brakes for different weather conditions

Nothing can stop you

Woman driving a Rollz Motion Performance rollator with a cane holder accessory

Soft, hard or pneumatic tyres?

‘With wheelchairs and walkers you basically have to deal with two important characteristics of the tyres: suspension and rolling resistance. These two are inversely proportional. In other words: the harder the tire, the lower the roll friction and the easier it is to push the wheelchair. A rollator with air tyres offer the solution.’

Using a rollator with air tyres outdoors on uneven terrain

How to correctly use a rollator outdoors

Going outdoors with a rollator for the first time is a big step, both mentally and physically. Knowing how to do it easily and in a safe way will make the learning process less complicated. It is important to keep moving despite having walking difficulties.

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Rollz Motion Performance FAQ

The Rollz Motion Performance is the outdoor version of the Rollz Motion. This rollator and wheelchair in one has rear air tyres and front foam filled tyres that reduce the vibrations when walking on bumpy ground or in the forest. The armrests are thicker and are more comfortable when you sit in the wheelchair, same for the seat of the wheelchair; it has more padding in the front of the seat cushion. With some extra reflective linings, this rollator makes you visible in the dark.

The tyres can be pumped with a handpump or a pump for car tyres. The valve can be pushed to the outside for better access. After removing the cap of the valve and attaching the pump to the valve, you can fill the tyres with air. The rear wheels can be filled till 2,5 Bar or 26,3 PSI.

The maximum weight capacity is 125 kg and the Rollz Motion Performance can only carry one person at a time. Rollz International cannot guarantee your safety when there is more than one person sitting on it.

The Rollz Motion Performance is available in the colour jungle green and not in other colours.