Is something wrong with your Rollz product within two years of purchase? Then contact your supplier immediately. They will look for a solution as quickly as possible in consultation with us. We apply the warranty provisions below.

Repairs are also possible after the warranty period has expired, against reimbursement of costs incurred. Please contact your dealer directly for this.

Warranty provisions

Rollz® International BV, established in Delft in the Netherlands (hereinafter “Rollz”), in its capacity as manufacturer, guarantees the Rollz Flex, Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance and Rollz Motion Rhythm (hereafter: “product”) are produced under the following provisions:

1. The general warranty period for the first owner (hereinafter: “customer”) is 24 months from the date of purchase.

2. Rollz gives a five-year guarantee from the date of purchase on material and construction errors of the frame during normal use and maintenance.

3. The warranty gives the right to repair, explicitly not to exchange or to take back a product.

4. In case of repair, the customer takes care of the transport of the product to and from the store where it was purchased (the “supplier”). The supplier will arrange the repair in consultation with Rollz.

5. The warranty can only be invoked if the customer provides the supplier with a copy of the purchase receipt with purchase date and a clear description of the complaints, together with the defective product.

6. If necessary, Rollz takes care of the transport of the product from the supplier to Rollz and vice versa for its own costs and risk, but only if the repair is covered by the warranty.

7. The warranty period is never extended, even in the case of repairs.

8. The warranty is not transferable and can therefore only be invoked by the first owner.

9. The warranty does not affect the rights that the customer has under the law.

10. Your Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator is covered by the warranty conditions in the Rollz Motion user manual. The specific parts of your Rollz Motion Rhythm are covered by the following warranty periods:

  • The Rollz Rhythm module is under warranty for a period of 24 months.
  • The Rollz Motion Rhythm handles containing the vibrating part are covered by 12 months warranty.
  • The battery in the Rollz Motion Rhythm module is fully warranted for 12 months.

A warranty period of 6 months applies to the various accessories available for the Rollz Motion and Rollz Flex models.

The warranty does not apply in the following situations:

a. if the customer has made or ordered changes or repairs without prior written permission from Rollz or the supplier;

b. when defects have been caused by neglect or an accident and / or use or maintenance, other than what is stated in the manual;

c. if the serial number is damaged or removed;

d. if the damage to the product is the result of normal wear and tear.