Dame loopt met een rollator in Amsterdam en kijkt naar een etalage.

Rollz rollators move along with you

Whether you need little or full support, occasionally or all the time, at home or outside, Rollz rollators provide the support you are after. Each of our rollators has unique features but all are comfortable, safe and adaptable.

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What Rollz rollator to choose?

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When entering the ‘world of rollators’ as a newcomer, it is hard to get an idea of what you are actually looking for since there are so many types of walkers that fit different lifestyles or needs.

Your Rollz consultant will show you how our rollators work and advise on what Rollz rollator would be the best option for you.

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Which rollator is right for you?

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The sturdy design makes the Rollz rollators very stable and easy to push. The swivel wheels provide easy steering as do the short wheelbase and larger wheels. The position of the handles ensures that muscle groups are not overloaded, as the forces are distributed evenly.

With a Rollz rollator you can look forward to an afternoon in town with your friend instead of worrying whether you will tire or get sore. Walking is less tiring and a safer and energizing experience. Just as reading glasses make reading relaxing again, Rollz rollators are designed to do the same for walking.

Product variety with adjustable features

Rollz rollators can be easily adjusted to fit individual needs. The handles of all rollators can be set for different heights, while the footrests can be optimized to fit body structures with both short or long legs. The back rest of the Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Performance wheelchair package can be shaped to exactly support your back necessities.

The push bar of the Rollz Flex can be positioned in multiple ways to adapt to the support you need on that day or in that moment. The three cues on the Rollz Motion Rhythm can be adapted to address different neurological symptoms.

Best walking experience

Stable and safe

Stable and safe rollators

Sturdy built to offer maximum support


Maneuverable rollators

Light steering and motion between obstacles

Comfortable ride

Comfortable rollators

Shaped to allow pleasant walking position

Accessorize your Rollz rollator

Make your rollator even more convenient for you

Do you want to take a drink along? Does the weather forecast predict rain later in the afternoon or is it one of those sunny days where you need some shade as you walk? Or are you planning a plane trip and want to protect your rollator from getting damaged?

We have exactly the right accessories for you: a cup holder, an umbrella to fix on your Rollz rollator, a strong travel cover and more.

Accessories for the Rollz rollators

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

“I am moving again and getting the exercise I need"

Mrs. Stuiver speaks about how the Rollz Motion restored her mobility so that she can again enjoy a day out with her husband, as she did before getting ill.

About Rollz

Rollz products are manufactured in Taiwan by a family company with whom we have worked for many years.

All our products can be used by people who need mobility support.

The Rollz Flex supports people with balance issues but who are still able to walk long distances.

The Rollz Motion offers support to those that are not able to walk long distances. When walking gets too difficult, the user can sit in the wheelchair and still be mobile.

The Rollz Motion Performance is great for people who like walking in the forest or over bumpy roads. When the user wants to rest, the rollator can be transformed into a wheelchair.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm offers a stable walking rhythm via the three adjustable cues. Suitable for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases.

A product is ergonomic when it is beneficial for the health, safety, and comfort of those using it. Our rollators feature optimum balance between weight, size and shape, offering maximum stability, safety and comfort.

Rollz products are available in both high-quality specialist stores and online. An overview of our distributors can be found on the distributors page.

An overview of the countries where our products are distributed, can be found on the distributor page.