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Rollz Motion Candy Pink

Special color edition of the Rollz Motion 2.1

£899,00 Shop Now
Rollz Motion Electric rollator and wheelchair

Rollz Motion Electric

Rollator and electric wheelchair combo

£2.990,00 Shop Now
The Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in Island Blue.

Rollz Motion 2.1

Rollator and wheelchair in one

£795,00 Shop Now
Rollz Flex 2 dark purple, classic brake, regular size

Rollz Flex 2

Lightweight rollator with soft tyres

£499,00 Shop Now

Rollz Motion Performance

Rollator and wheelchair with air tyres

£929,00 Shop Now
Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator with cues and app for Parkinson

Rollz Motion Rhythm

Parkinson rollator with adjustable cues

£1.195,00 Shop Now

Saljol Carbon Rollator

Lightweight carbon rollator with gears

£589,00 Shop Now

Saljol Indoor Rollator

Indoor rollator with one-handed brake

£699,00 Shop Now
Saljol Aluminium Rollator Pearl Grey

Saljol Allround Rollator

Aluminium rollator with two or one hand brake

£479,00 Shop Now