Woman sitting on a rollator with a correct position

Sitting on a rollator

If you use a mobility aid for support, you may find that walking or standing becomes difficult or tiresome at certain moments. One possible solution is having the option of sitting on a rollator to get some rest.

You might bump into a friend on the street and want to stop and have a chat with them. Or maybe you need to wait for your bus to arrive at the bus stop. No matter the situation, it is nice to be able to sit down whenever you feel like it or need it.

Most rollators have a seat option included, offering the possibility to sit down when there’s no chair or bench around. If you’re sitting on a rollator, it’s important to do so safely and correctly.

This is the second lesson in a four-part series about how to correctly use a rollator outdoors.

How to sit down on a rollator
  1. Choose to stop in a suitable place, where you won’t be standing in the way of other people.
  2. Before sitting down on the rollator seat, make sure to first put it on the parking brake.
  3. Sitting on a rollator is not like in a chair, where you would normally lean your body weight towards the backrest. Whilst sitting on the seat of a rollator, you will need to lean forward slightly. Your legs should form a wide angle with your upper body, similar to when sitting on the edge of a chair. From this seated position you will be able to stand up easily.

Tip: Place the front wheels of the rollator against a wall if you want to have extra resistance when sitting on a rollator. This way you won’t need to worry that your rollator will roll away with you on it.

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