Sitting down on a chair with a rollator

For a rollator user, sitting down on a chair can be a complicated mission. You might find yourself in this situation a couple of times every day and it is rather important to learn how do it smoothly and safely so that it becomes a simple task.

This is the fourth in a series of six lessons on how to correctly use a rollator indoors.

At home, it is always better to have chairs with armrests and higher seats. While visiting friends or going out you may not have the opportunity to choose and this will require some extra attention when sitting down.

Helpful tips:
  1. Walk toward your seat.
  2. When you are close by, turn around with the rollator and walk slowly backwards until you feel the edge of the seat against both your hind legs.
  3. Put the rollator on the parking brake. You are now standing between the rollator and chair, with your back towards the chair, while still holding the handles of the rollator.
  4. Grab onto an armrest with one hand and then put the other hand on the other armrest. If the chair has no armrests, place your hand directly on the seat.
  5. Lower gently on the chair while supporting the armrests.
  6. As you are sitting, release the parking brake and move the rollator next to your seat.


Tip from Rollz-physio Anne-Wil Siegmund

“I always call this parking in reverse. Because you walk backwards and you do not see the chair. People often find this scary, especially if they have trouble looking behind them. How do you know for sure that you are right in front of your chair and do not accidentally fall to the floor?

You do not have to actually see the chair. You can also bump up to it and feel it against the back of your legs and then reach back with one hand. You do not have to look behind you. Incidentally, it is best to use a somewhat higher chair for this purpose, preferably with armrests.”

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