Woman walking with an orange Rollz Motion rollator

Keep walking as long as you can

Every country has its own unique Rollz Motion ambassadors. Meet Irene, an inspiring lady from New Zealand. She lives life to the full, always has and always will.

Just recently Irene’s needed a little help to do that, so she got hold of a Rollz Motion – now there’s nothing stopping her. “It is most important you keep walking as long as you can. Because once you stop, you stop.” Our Locomo dealer in New Zealand knows her well and made this cheering video: “we love this lady, she’s awesome…”

Two flat whites, please
Irene is making the most of everyday and getting in her flat whites (that’s how New Zealanders refer to a small cappucino), walks and gallery visits. As a member of the Suter Art Gallery she loves getting in there, seeing the new paintings and local potters and glass makers. A highly experienced lover of life.

“Now the Rollz Motion has given me more mobility. And it’s light. When it’s a walker you can fold it, right up. Oh, I think it’s one of the best inventions I’ve seen in a long time – for a lot of people.”

Met je dochter wandelen in het park, ook de stok gaat mee aan de oranje rollator Dame in oranje rolstoel zit met haar dochter op een terras in de zon, waar blijft de koffie? 

It just doesn’t stop you walking
Irene enjoys her daughter Claire’s company. “Just recently she took me down along the Matai, which is a lovely little river. I walked quite a long way and than I really fell tired. And so she just put the thing together. We certainly walked further than I would have been able to get. You know? It just doesn’t stop you walking. You can have another very good walker there, but you can’t sit down and go further when you’re tired – and that’s important.”

She thinks most people do like the orange – she does, anyway. “One gentleman, Berry, a very nice guy, looked at it the other day and he went dancing me around the cafe with it. Such a good time!”

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