Rollz Flex rollator for people with small height

Rollz Flex also available in small version

Since June 2018 the Rollz Flex is also available in a smaller version: the Rollz Flex Small. The design of this rollator is adapted for people with a body length of 4 ft 7⅛”to 5 ft 2¾” / 1.40-1.60 m.

Like the standard version, it is agile and stable, lightweight and compact.

The frame is smaller and has different ratios than the standard Rollz Flex. The handlebar of this cute small rollator version is adjustable in five height positions instead of nine. The lowest position is about four inches or ten centimeters lower than the standard Rollz Flex.

The bag is adjusted to the smaller size of the frame, it fits fourteen liters. The small version has classic brakes. The version with the waterproof bright purple bag is combined with a black seat, the denim grey edition comes with a cognac seat.

By adding this small version to the product range, Rollz offers a wide range of design rollators for both shorter and taller people with a length of 4 ft 7⅛” to 6 ft 3″ (1.40 m to 1.95 m).

Redesigned rollator

Our design team has completely redesigned the Rollz Flex for people who are not so tall as a lot of people in the Netherlands are. Designer Martijn Schaaper: ‘The frame is optimally adapted to their ergonomic dimensions; the handlebar has been shortened in height and depth as well. The wheelbase has remained the same. In this way it is easy manoeuvrable, thanks to the small turning circle.

The seat is about ten centimeters lower in comparison with the standard Rollz Flex, matching the average length of the lower leg of people between 1.40 and 1.60 m. This is based on an active sitting position, in which one does not completely recline, putting ones legs in a wide angle instead of at a right angle. This means you can get up much more easily to continue your walk.’

Already a hit in Japan

Our Japanese distributor is also happy with the smaller version. In Japan, the body height is generally about fourteen to fifteen centimeters lower than in the Netherlands, where Rollz is situated. As a result, the standard Rollz Flex is too high for many Japanese customers. On the site of our Japanese dealer the small rollator is introduced as follows:
The first sentence reads: お し ゃ れ な デ ザ イ ン で お 出 か け し た く な る 気 持 ち を 後 押 し, which translates to: ‘Gives you the feeling that you want to go out with a stylish design’. The version shown has a cognac seat in combination with a bright purple bag, this is only available in Japan – the color combination does remind of blooming cherry trees.

Also a small version of the Rollz Motion²

Also the Rollz Motion² is available in a smaller model for some time now. The frame of this small version is two inches / five centimeters lower. This combined walker and wheelchair is suitable for users of approximately 4 ft 11″ to 6 ft ⅞” / 1.50 to 1.85 m. The Rollz Motion Small is available in two colors: island blue and matt black.

Rollz Motion² Small (left) and Rollz Motion² (right)

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