Rollz meets Saljol 2020 in Rollz Mobility UK

Rollz launches UK subsidiary

Rollz International launches its UK subsidiary, Rollz Mobility UK ltd, to act as the exclusive distributor for all Rollz rollators from the beginning of 2020, as well as for the entire mobility range of the German company Saljol GMBH, in the UK.

“This is a significant step for Rollz International as part of the global growth of our business and in addition to promoting the already established Rollz brand and product portfolio, the company will also be representing products from the Saljol range in the UK. Retailers and health care professionals will play a vital role in the success of our new business as we will be looking to establish Rollz Mobility UK as a leading manufacturer and supplier of independent living solutions in the UK” commented Arjan Muis, CEO, Rollz International.

Rollz meets Saljol in four countries

The cooperation between the two high-end mobility brands Rollz and Saljol covers four countries. Rollz International and Rollz Mobility UK will distribute Saljol’s range in the Netherlands and the UK, while Saljol GMBH will distribute Rollz products in Germany and Austria.

A perfect match

Both Rollz and Saljol’s innovative products fit very well together. Rollz design rollators support an independent life of people with limited mobility who want to stay active and continue living in style. Most known in the UK is the Rollz Motion, the rollator and wheelchair in one.

Saljol develops premium aids that enable independent living despite mobility issues, aiming for fewer falls in everyday life, more safety in old age and joy of life.

Mutually complementary product range

The following game changer rollators and shower chair will be introduced this year in the UK by Rollz Mobility UK, all of which will also be available in the Netherlands.

Rollz Motion Performance
Building on the success of the Rollz Motion2, the Rollz Motion Performance is the all-terrain version of the rollator and wheelchair in one, which will enable the users to tackle terrain they may have previously been unsure about negotiating. This has been achieved through the introduction of pneumatic tyres which absorb the shocks received from uneven ground by providing a smoother and softer ride.

Rollz Motion Rhythm
The Rollz Motion Rhythm is an innovative rollator incorporating smart technology to aid those with Parkinson’s disease and similar neurological conditions. This rollator features three rhythmic cues: a laser line on the floor, a ticking metronome sound and a vibration in the handles to step out of a freeze and start a rhythmic walking movement.

Walking pace can be adjusted as needed in the rollator module as well as in the corresponding Rollz Rhythm app, which also allows for extra details to be set.

Saljol Carbon Rollator
Weighing just 5.8kg (5.0kg without the bag) yet with a maximum user weight of 150kg, the Saljol Carbon Rollator has been designed to be as lightweight yet robust as possible. It is the first rollator to feature an integrated drag brake for increased safety and stability when travelling downhill.

Saljol Indoor Rollator Page
For preventing falls inside the house, the Saljol Indoor Rollator Page helps to move independently and safe. This extremely stable rollator can be used at home as serving tray, toilet handle bar or mobile handrail in the smallest of spaces. It has the unique feature of being movable by the user when seated.

Saljol Shower chair Spa
This stable, rotating shower seat enables one to shower independently, as it turns safely on the spot by 360 degrees and the wheels won’t slip away. When a helper is needed, they will stay dry whilst assisting. 

For more information on the full range of Rollz and Saljol products available from Rollz Mobility UK, to book an assessment or discuss potential retailer opportunities, call 0333 207 2080 or email