Woman with Parkinson's disease walking with a Parkinson's rollator

Living with Multiple Sclerosis

MS is different for everyone, so you never know what to expect when you are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In general, MS causes walking problems and loss of balance and strength. Fortunately, many of these problems can be alleviated by the use of a rollator. It keeps you moving.

Blond meisje dat met een moderne rollator in het oude stadscentrum loopt

Rollators with various support options

Contribute to an independent life

MS manifests itself in different ways and the effect can vary from day to day. As a result, you may need extra stability one day and be able to walk well the next, but a few hours later feel the need to be pushed in a push wheelchair. Our various Rollz rollers help with different walking, strength and stability problems, so that you keep moving.

Find out which rollators are available that meet your needs so you can keep on doing your daily activities.

Support for every symptom


Maximale support rollator

Perfect support due to the position of the wheels and the adjustable push handles and levers

Light and compact

Lichtgewicht en compacte rollator

Easy to push and lift, can be folded for maximum compactness

Different cues

Cue vibratie op de Parkinson rollator

Various cues (laser, sound and vibration) support neurological disorders

Rollz Motion rollator gebruikt door een fysio in een revalidatieprogramma

How does a rollator help with MS?

A rollator provides the necessary stability

Fatigue in MS can come on quickly and suddenly and goes away more slowly and is accompanied by other problems in your balance and strength.

A rollator can support you during these periods by being a support and a resting point. On a rollator you can sit for a while to recover and continue walking when your strength returns. This way you stay mobile and go out easily. Because you feel safe to move.

Man loopt met een Rollz Flex rollator met grote boodschappentas

Staying active with MS

Moving remains the most important thing

It is important to exercise sufficiently, because exercise is good for the whole body: from the digestive system to the immune system. Not moving often leads to new physical and even mental complaints. Our rollators help you, each in their own way, to stay active.

Rollz Motion is a rollator and wheelchair in one, so you always have two different aids at hand. If you go for a walk with the rollator and get tired, you can turn it into a push wheelchair in no time and continue your journey.

The Rollz Motion Performance is designed for walks on rough surfaces. This rollator can also be converted into a wheelchair, but offers extra comfort thanks to the pneumatic tyres, ergonomically shaped handles, armrests and seat.

If you are looking for a stable rollator with a handy bag, a lightweight frame and an adjustable push handle, the Rollz Flex is the perfect match. Getting and keeping moving has never been easier.

Vrouw die koffie drinkt met haar zoon na een wandeling in het winkelcentrum met een Rollz Flex rollator

The ultimate walking experience

Vrouw met multiple sclerose geniet van een dagje uit met een Rollz Motion rollator

Tools do not restrict us, they liberate us

I have MS for about 20 years and for too long I dreaded the prospect of ‘ending up’ in a wheelchair. MS is a vicious disease, but I have learned that walking aids are not the enemy I thought they would be.

Holidays in Mongolia with a Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in one

On holiday with a rollator

Summer is coming and the city trips, holidays and tours are booked. Of course the rollator goes along, but travelling with a walking aid requires some extra precautions. Not only for the walker user, but for the whole travelling party.

A solution for every condition

Lightweight rollator with shopping bag

Rollator and wheelchair in one