From shame to pride campaign about disability

Adjusting to life with a disability takes time, but it can become a beautiful adventure.

The journey can often feel lonely, and some days you might feel like hiding away. But we are stronger together.

We invited people from our community to share their emotional journeys through the stages of shame, acceptance and pride. This campaign aims not only to raise awareness about the silent battles disabled people face daily, but also to unite a community of warriors, carers, and beautiful humans who support one another on this shared journey called LIFE.

Join us by sharing your story #fromshametopride.

Embracing disability

A story of obstacles, stigma, and finding strength in vulnerability

In a heartfelt blog post, Mariska van der Goot shares her courageous journey of accepting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and embracing the use of mobility aids. From initial denial to eventual empowerment, she highlights the transformative power of acceptance in navigating life with a chronic illness.

"It might sound cliché, but if only I had accepted aids earlier, it would have saved me energy and reduced stress. Now, with several tools at home, I can confidently say that I've turned the initial shame I felt about using them into a source of pride."

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Becoming disabled is a big life change

No one should face such challenging transformations alone. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed with regards to your disability, or have experienced accessibility issues, or mistreatment, we encourage you to reach out to specialists and speak up. Wanna talk about it?

At Rollz, we do our best to make everyone's voice heard and actively contribute to creating a better, safer and more accessible world for disabled people. Send us messages, even if anonymous, and we will help you be seen. Our community is here to support you and help you navigate your journey #fromshametopride.
Preston: "I have learned from the disabled community online that mobility aids haven’t got to be something to be ashamed of."