Woman with Parkinson's disease walking with a Parkinson's rollator

Living with dementia

Dementia is an umbrella term for almost 50 different types of disease in which the brain can no longer process information properly. The most common of these is Alzheimer’s disease (70% of cases). One of the things that can make dementia more bearable is to keep moving. This has a positive effect on the condition, the functioning and the mood. Support to keep on moving can be given by a rollator.

On the move with dementia

Good for body and brain

Exercise is not only good for the body, but also for mental health. Why it is that exercise seems to prevent getting dementia is only partially known. What is certain is that exercise has a positive effect on known risk factors of dementia, such as high blood pressure, vascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Our various Rollz rollators help support you, keeping you moving.

The idea behind the design of a Rollz rollator is to allow to walk longer and more often than people with mobility issues are used to, having full confidence in themselves and the stability of the rollator. They will be more self-reliant and may also start to enjoy moving more. This has both physical and mental benefits.

Support for every symptom


Maximale support rollator

Helps with stability and balance


Manoeuvreerbare rollators

Easy to move around, both inside and outside


Comfortabele rollator

Comfortable seat and armrests to rest on

Man walking with a blue Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in the park

How does a rollator provide help?

The best tool to keep moving

People with dementia often become insecure about walking, they take small steps and maintaining balance seems more difficult. As the dementia progresses, moving around can become more difficult. A stooped position, which is a symptom of Dementia, can lead to more falls. To give back certainty and let the person walk upright, a rollator is a useful tool. It offers support and stability and allows the user to walk more independently.

Man walking with a Rollz Flex rollator with big shopping bag

Staying active with Dementia

Moving remains the most important thing

It is important to exercise sufficiently, because exercise is good for the whole body: from the digestive system to the immune system. If one gets tired of moving more quickly, it is advisable to buy a rollator and wheelchair in one. The Rollz Motion is the perfect solution, this rollator is very sturdy and can be transformed into a comfortable wheelchair in no time.
The Rollz Motion Performance has the same functionalities, but also has pneumatic tyres for extra comfort.
The Rollz Flex is a rollator with a large bag, so you can carry your belongings. It is also possible to sit on the seat for comfort breaks.

Vrouw die koffie drinkt met haar zoon na een wandeling in het winkelcentrum met een Rollz Flex rollator

The ultimate walking experience

Rollz innovations in healthcare

Rollator driving lessons indoors

If you have recently purchased a rollator, make sure you learn to handle it safely. Practicing will give you confidence in walking with it, but there are a few other things you need to consider beforehand.

Woman walking with a Rollz Motion Performance rollator walker near a swimming pool

Choosing the best rollator to fit your needs

The term ‘best rollator’ might mean different things to different people. Determining what rollator is the best fit for someone often comes down to their personal situation, lifestyle, and needs.

Find what rollators fits your needs the best

Two-in-one rollator

All terrain rollator with air tyres